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Return Application Notes

  1. Please note that the goods can not be returned once it has been opened (The outer packaging plastic is torn open will be considered as opened.
  2. Items received for more than 7 days are not allow to return. 
  3. Returned goods can not be opened, do not accept some returns, and please send back according to the original packaging. Returned items must contain all items in your order (including gifts) and so on. You will have to bear the postage fees if you have not properly packed all the goods in the package and required second delivery to send back remaining items.
  4. We will get a runner to collect the item from you once your return request approved.
  5. The coupon used will no longer be valid after the checkout, and the coupon will not be retrieved after the return application is established.
  6. When you submit a return request, meaning that you agree to our return principle and accept our handling of invoice invoicing and related follow-up processing on your behalf.

Unable to return instructions

  • No original packaging attached (including outer packaging or incomplete and damaged packaging)
  • Goods that cannot be returned for exchange due to special circumstances.
  • You must have inform the store in advance before handling a return or exchange. Company will not accept the goods if the consumer does not notify us before return the goods,  and consumers will be responsible for the shipping costs incurred during the return of the goods.

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